Pumpkin decorating ideas for an impressive Halloween party

08 October 2015

Let’s decorate for Halloween this season with these new, fun and impressive ideas for pumpkins!



Firstly, using a marker to draw a grid onto a pumpkin and paint the squares alternatively black and white. After letting them dry, using hot glue to attach plastic chess pieces onto your board.

Orange Freeze


Cut off the top third of a large pumpkin, then scoop out the flesh and seeds. Paint a design, like skull and crossbones, or “Cheers!” onto the front of the pumpkin using paint or permanent markers. Finally, place a bowl filled with ice inside the pumpkin to cool beer or wine bottles.

Sweet Skulls


Paint the pumpkin white, let dry. Carve out large eyes, a heart-shaped nose and “hollowed” cheeks. Use craft glue to apply M&Ms, candy corn around the eyes, square white gum for teeth and red color as outlines.

City Lights

city light

Hollow out three large pumpkins and place them side-by-side. Paint a solid, black skyline across all three pumpkins, painting your skyscraper on the middle, tallest pumpkin. Let dry. Drill holes into each building for “windows” and illuminate with an electronic votive candle.