How to host a cocktail party

27 October 2015

Cocktail parties are not just for girls enjoying a ladies-night-in; they’re becoming one of the most popular ways to entertain business associates. They’re a more relaxed way of entertaining, comfortable with informal atmosphere, and only last a couple of hours.

Hence, we share herewith a few of tips to successfully organize a cocktail party:

– Different cocktails require being served in different cocktail glasses. Ask your event hire company for advice once you decide on the cocktail menu!


– Have twice as many glasses as you have guests; they have a tendency to put their glass down and forget all about it!

– Stock up on ice – crushed ice for frozen cocktails and it will be needed to chill champagne or wine too.

– Glass charms are a great idea for guests to use to remember which glass is theirs and feel respectful.


– Don’t forget to stock up on mixers including orange juice, cranberry juice, 7-Up, tonic, ginger ale, coca cola and the lemon and limes for decoration too!

– Have coffee available for any guests needing an extra hand at the end of the night… having a local taxi number available for guests is a good idea too.

– Cocktail parties don’t require a 3-course dinner, but having some canapés, snacks and cocktail-bites always go down well. Take a look at our disposables – perfect for canapés at cocktail parties!


When estimating food quantities, plan on serving approximately 6 bites per person, per hour for a two hour party, when no dinner will be served.