Recipes decorated table in 5 minutes

27 October 2015

Short on time? It’s still possible to pull together a wow-worthy table arrangement that suits your party style. Create one of these inspiring ideas in five minutes or less.

You’d be surprised by what you can make in no time

Wishing Well


This one is an lovely decoration creating interactive and heartfelt way to celebrate someone, eg. Mom, a recent graduate, an expectant parent. Pass around strips of paper about six inches long and ask guests to write a message or a wish for the honoree. Twist the papers around a pen to curl them, then toss them into a large bowl. Have the guest of honor read the messages aloud during dessert.

Floating Fruit


Float bright color fruit in large, clear-glass vases (filled to different levels) for a whimsical still life.

 Paper pom poms


On a steamy night, set a casual table with a bouquet of hot-colored paper flowers, guaranteed not to wilt.

Creative combo


The rich tones of sweet peas and cabbages (yes, cabbages) work together beautiful in a creative combination.

Fruit fillers


This tone-on-tone assemblage starts with miniature citrus fruits (key limes, kumquats) and Peruvian lilies bursting with color.

Heavy metal


A galvanized tub becomes the base for a gathering of oversize leaves, like these from a magnolia